Metiscube were asked by the Chairman of ShapeSpace to provide support to ShapeSpace in the areas of Strategic Marketing planning and Strategic Sales and Business Development planning based on an assessment of ShapeSpace Technology.
We found Metiscube Limited to be both knowledgeable in these areas and adept at challenging ShapeSpace management’s view of the company’s innovation and identifying the management team gaps whilst providing guidance to the route to market strategy.


SISLYNX Limited is a start-up company that has been formed by two visionary functional safety experts.  At the heart of the SISLYNX offering is a proprietary cloud-based Functional Safety Management System that provides a framework for the provision of all services related to functional safety, and enables cost effective compliance with both engineering and management requirements of functional safety standards
Using this system, SISLYNX are able to:
  • provide an independent "health check" to help companies demonstrate that any safety-related systems that are already in place comply with both engineering and management requirements of functional safety standards, or identify any shortfalls that may be present and suggest corrective action;
  • provide an independent quality check to ensure that new safety-related systems are correctly specified designed and installed in accordance with the requirements of the standards;
  • provide on-going compliance management, including maintenance and proof testing, record keeping, document control and review; and provide comprehensive and auditable evidence that management processes are in place that comply with the requirements of the standards.
SISLYNX’s management approached Metiscube to provide support in terms of strategic sales and marketing planning, investment funding strategy and strategic business development planning. SISLYNX has found Metiscube Limited to be proficient in all of these areas. We would highly recommend Metiscube Limited to other start-up companies.